My third experiment on what it looks like if Crush Gear or BattleBots be made as a silly game 😋

Though I don't use 3D assets (only primitive Godot mesh) and make the vehicle bare minimum, this time I add ability to shoot laser that can rewind time. You can also do self rewind by braking. Having a proper turret system is really challenging in this game. Let me know if you found some bugs 😉

Previous experiments:



Most of the assets are from:


Download 16 MB
boho-win.exe 37 MB
boho-linux.x86_64 42 MB


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Somehow the release build is crashing but not with the debug build so I publish that. Sorry if the size is too big.

Things to investigate:

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Alright, found the cause. Crash happens when I remove the projectile/laser-beam (RigidBody) using queu_free. Seems, related to this 🤔

TODO: create reproducible example for bug reporting