A downloadable 🎂 for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sorry, no spoiler 😆


mac.zip 26 MB
linux.zip 25 MB
win.zip 24 MB


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I’m not sure of the control I should be using. Seems enter was to advance dialog and click to choose which one I wanted to do, but now that I have a free cam, I can’t choose my dialog. Enter can’t randomly choose something. I don’t even know if it is a bug or just a control I didn’t try. I feel like I tried all my keys, and click and everything, but maybe a previous combinations freezed the application or something like that?

After the mouse cursor disappears, try <Tab> key.

Also, near the end of the story, you can move back or forward with the arrow or WASD key. (without left/right)

(I guess using undirect cue for enabling/disabling movement is a bad idea. Even for a puzzle/mystery game 😂)

the web version seems broken 🤔 (probably godot issue)