Happy ngMeal 

==  Plot ==
Year 2050.

MnDoan or known as MnD is the most renowned fast food company and the world's largest restaurant chain, serving over serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries across 370,855 outlets.

In year 2020 they began researching time travel collaborating with SERN. it's the first fast food company that visits 4th dimension. After 30 years of research, they introduce the first object that can travel back to the past.


(Made with Godot engine)


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This is my fourth experiment on what it looks like if Crush Gear or BattleBots be made as a silly game ๐Ÿ˜‹ (with the help of generous people I know for rigorous play_test and hunting CC0 assets, the total member is 3)

The thing that I most proud is the plot ๐Ÿ˜† (lol)

Previous prototype:

  1. https://drsensor.itch.io/unstable-perspective
  2. https://drsensor.itch.io/battle-in-fryingpan
  3. https://drsensor.itch.io/battle-of-rewindable-object